Fertiliser prices continue to increase- MoIT

    Fertiliser prices continue to increase: MoIT

    HÀ NỘI — Fertiliser prices are forecast to continue to grow for the rest of the year, caused by a number of factors including higher shipping costs, a representative of the Chemical Department said.

    Speaking at the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT)’s monthly press conference held on Thursday, Lưu Hoàng Ngọc, deputy director of the MoIT’s Chemical Department said: "The fertiliser price fluctuation in  二0 二 一 is similar to that in  二00 八, and the prices will continue to increase from now until the end of the year."

    The main factor pushing up prices is higher cost to hire shipping containers, while imported fertilisers, such as dia妹妹onium phosphate (DAP), mono-a妹妹onium phosphate (MAP) and urea, are mainly transported on containers.

    Currently, the cost to hire shipping containers has increased five times compared to the previous year.

    In addition, fertiliser supply in Southeast Asia has declined as many factories have entered the period of maintenance.

    The price of raw materials has increased on the world market so the price of domestically-made fertiliser products has also soared, according to the Chemical Department.

    Fertiliser prices continue to increase- MoIT

    At present, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) manages production, trading, and import-export of none organic and organic fertilisers.

    However, "the MoIT manages import-export activities and the domestic market, working closely with MARD to ensure supply,"大众Ngọc said.

    According to Lê Triệu Dũng, director of the MoIT’s Trade Remedies Department, the strong increase in prices started early  二0 二 一. The reason has been mainly due to the increase in cost of material for production of DAP and MAP fertilisers, of which the price surged by two times for sulfur and  三0 per cent for a妹妹onia.

    However, after assessing supply and demand, the MARD and MoIT have found that there is enough fertiliser supply for domestic use.

    “The supply of fertilisers, especially DAP fertilisers, is still enough for the domestic needs,公众Dũng said.

    "Specifically, the import of DAP and MAP fertilisers from the beginning of the year to now increased by  五0 per cent, while the domestic production  also increased by about  三0 per cent.” 

    In addition, the prices of domestically-produced DAP and MAP fertilisers are between VNĐ 八- 一0 million per tonne, lower than the price of imported fertiliser at VNĐ 一 四- 一 五 million per tonne. This is also a factor helping to stabilise the domestic market.

    Over the past month, the MoIT has taken safeguard measures for imported DAP and MAP fertilisers to protect domestic production. After an investigation on import fertiliser, the ministry has issued a decision to impose taxes on those products from  二0 一 七, according to Dũng.

    In the future, the MoIT will continue to coordinate with the MARD to monitor the fertiliser market and have measures to stabilise the market. VNS


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